January 14, 2020, is a day small businesses should pay attention to, as it marks the end of Microsoft support for Windows 7.

From a security perspective, both the routine monthly security patches, as well as hotfixes for attacks that are occurring right now, will no longer be available, effectively making any newly discovered vulnerability, a potential threat to your computers and network(s).

If we look at why the risks increase, you will see why it’s so important to upgrade from Windows 7 immediately.

The reality is that all software contains bugs. We hope these bugs are discovered during the development process, but, many of them surface only following the product release when the software meets with real users.

Bugs that can be exploited for malicious purposes are called vulnerabilities.

Microsoft releases patches, usually on the second Tuesday of every month. When you install the patches, your computer is protected from these vulnerabilities. However, starting on January 14, 2020, you will no longer receive vulnerability patches for your computers that run the Windows 7 Operating System (OS).

Is Windows 7 End of Life (EOL) a reason to be concerned? Absolutely yes. Can organizations that run Windows 7 maintain the same level of security as they did before? No, not without some major multi-layered third party security solutions added to your computers and network(s).

If you are required to comply with any Federal, State or local government regulation, or you accept credit cards as a form of payment for your products or services, you will be non-compliant if you continue to use any Windows 7 computers on your network(s).

Our recommendation is to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Anything less and you could be setting your business for a major security risk, and the associated fines, civil suits, reputation damage, loss of customers, and on & on.

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