Here’s a sneaky trick used by lots of hackers: They buy and set up a fraudulent website that is a close misspelling or slight change to the legit one. Like tree o’s instead of two o’s Facebook. Or instead of

All you have to do is accidentally fat-finger ONE letter in the URL and up pops a very legit-looking fake copy of the real site you were trying to get to – and the login and links are full of key-logger malware and virus landmines, just waiting for you to click on them. This is particularly important for any social media, financial and legal networks you belong to.

So, be VERY, VERY careful when clicking on the links in your emails.

In fact, you would be much better off (and safer) to only access the websites you use regularly via bookmarks. Type in the URL address yourself, log in to the website, then bookmark the website.

Here’s a Tip:  Consider creating folders in your Bookmarks bar, such as Social Media, Personal, Work, Daily, etc. and then save your bookmarked sites to the appropriate folder in order to simplify organizing and accessing your bookmarks.

That’s it for tip #6

Next week’s tip will be “If Ya Installed It, Ya’ll Keep It Updated, If Ya Know What’s Good For Ya!”

Remember, it ain’t poisonel – it's jus business.

Til nex time.

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