Like it or not, PC manufacturers LOVE to stuff your brand-new PC full of “free” apps. Why? Because they get paid to do it, so you’ve got very little chance of getting a new PC without a side of spamware.

But clutter is the enemy of a speedy, and a secure PC, and if you’re not using a particular software on a daily or weekly basis, it’s best to just Get Rid Of It completely. That way you don’t have it sucking up processing speed AND leaving the door open to hackers and malware.

Did you know that this “bloatware” that you never use can be a target for hackers who KNOW it’s not being kept up to date? Why does that matter you might ask?  Well, guess what, hackers use out of date software as a vulnerability to break into your computers.

You’re probably thinking that you’d know if your computer had been hacked, right?

Well, NO, you might not!

Hackers prefer to keep their access into your computer a secret for as long as possible, in order to get as much data from you as they can.

What can they steal?

How about your bank account login information, your credit card info, your email contact list, and anything else they might find useful? After they get everything they can find, maybe they will infect your computer with a worm that will crash your hard drive or ransomware to extort money from you.

Please, get rid of any software that is on your computer that you don’t use regularly.

Be careful though, not all software can or should be removed. The tough part is knowing which is which. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional (like us) help you with the cleanup.

If you need help, with cleaning up your PCs, give us a call at 636-542-8653.

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