They don’t always get credit, but climbers reaching the summit of Mount Everest rely on a Sherpa to guide them. Making information technology decisions can feel like climbing a mountain, but there’s help for that, too. An IT partner (Managed Services Provider – MSP) can be your technology Sherpa.

With so many of us working off-site right now, digital transformation has moved from “wouldn’t it be nice?” to “we need to be there now.”

Technology is as essential to business success as oxygen is to those scaling Everest. Going digital can be daunting, especially when under pressure to get your business back on track. Where does one even begin? Working with an IT partner, you’ll have help navigating the technology mountain.

Even before COVID-19 sent so many people home to work, IT partners provided help with:

  • researching new technologies to help customers collaborate better and work more efficiently;
  • finding cost savings and ways to streamline business processes;
  • offering cybersecurity and data backup strategies to suit business needs;
  • monitoring and maintaining IT networks, systems, software, and applications;
  • keeping systems up to date and secure;
  • migrating business applications to the cloud.

The current environment is challenging businesses to pivot quickly, yet it’s business as usual for IT partners. Our experts have prepared for decades to help business enable work from home and save money.

Taking the Technology Partner Route

Working with an IT partner, you gain the assistance of IT consultants to make the right tech decisions. This isn’t just deciding what online meeting platform works best for your needs (although we can do that, too). A great IT partner will take the time to learn:

  • how you do business now;
  • what technology is available;
  • how users engage with the technology (on-site, mobile, a hybrid?);
  • what your end users are looking for;
  • short- and long-term business goals.

With this information, they can provide IT help at the business-strategy level. Your IT partner will see what works and what doesn’t. Drawing on a depth of experience with other customers, they can help you avoid expensive mistakes.

With a wealth of contacts with technology vendors, your IT partner can often find you better deals.

You can spend your time on other important areas of your business. For a consistent subscription fee that shows great ROI, your IT partner will work to:

  • improve efficiency and flexibility;
  • enhance security and compliance;
  • monitor and maintain your business systems;
  • reduce costs and streamline processes;
  • identify new technologies that can boost your users’ productivity.

Technology Tailored to Your Needs

Up until now, you may have been handling your technology on your own, thinking you’re saving money, or taking the guided bus tour approach to technology. You pay for an IT service and expect it to take you from point A to point B without a hitch.

Working with a real IT partner, you’ll get a tailored IT solution. After getting to know your technology, user practices, and strategy, your IT partner will help you develop an affordable, cost effective solution. Your digital transformation will follow a step-by-step approach that considers your particular characteristics.

Work with an IT partner as your technology guide. Our experts can help you pivot if you need to. We can also help you allow staff to work at home, securely and efficiently. We can help you save money. We can help downsize technology if that’s what the current situation requires and make smarter decisions as you scale Mount Technology with the help of our experts.

HBBTech can even work with you virtually to provide the strategic support you, and your home-based workers, need.

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