If you’ve ever said, “We’re too small…nobody wants to hack us.” You’re just asking to be hacked!

What’s the #1 reason why people & companies of every size get hacked? They dismiss the importance of IT security because they’re only a “small business.”

The big mistake many small businesses make is overlooking their data security. While many of the cybersecurity attacks and breaches we see in the headlines and on TV happen to major enterprises, the reality is that many attacks today are automated, so attacks are random, not targeted.

The average American small business used to be an unlikely target for a sophisticated cyberattack. Fewer financial resources and a relatively unknown brand worked in their favor to ward off hackers. But not anymore. Cyber-criminals don’t discriminate by size and the aftermath of an attack can be devastating to a small business.

Cyber threats should be a concern for businesses of all sizes, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable. Did you know that statistics show that as high as 60 percent of small businesses could go out of business due to damages associated with a cyberattack?

While enterprise organizations have entire teams devoted to handling cybersecurity, at many small businesses, those efforts are handled by someone who likely wears many other hats in the day-to-day operations of the business, IF they happen at all!

That’s why small businesses are particularly vulnerable to hackers.

Cyber criminals typically attack for one primary reason - profit. This explains why ransomware is such a popular method of attack. Hackers often succeed, generating revenue for attackers. And if an attack method proves lucrative, hackers will keep using it.

Cyber criminals understand small businesses collect data that is easy to unload for profit on the Dark Web, such as credit card information, Social Security numbers, bank account credentials or proprietary business information.

Since data is becoming a more sought-after resource every day, small businesses must decide whether they want to attempt to handle their IT security solutions internally or outsource their security efforts.

To protect against the growing range of cyberthreats, businesses can leverage technology to deliver protection, scan for threats, secure the network and perform threat analysis.

Fortunately, the technology security landscape is full of these types of solutions designed to help small businesses approach security more intelligently.

One thing is for certain: NO ONE is immune to cybercrime.

In fact, in 2019, over forty percent of small businesses fell victim to cybercrime and that number grows every year. Plus, nearly half of all cyber-attacks are now aimed at small businesses BECAUSE they make themselves low-hanging fruit with sloppy or non-existent security tools and policies.

And one more critical point to ponder: If YOU aren’t giving IT security the attention it deserves, how do you think your CLIENTS will feel about that? If for no other reason, you need to do it to protect your clients’ data, even if the only information about them you store is an e-mail address.

If YOUR system gets compromised, hackers will now have access to your CLIENT’S e-mail and can use that for phishing scams and virus-laden spam. I’m sure your clients want you to be a good steward of their information and privacy, so stop lying to yourself and get serious about putting essential security practices in place. Not doing so is just lazy and irresponsible.

Protecting your small business against these security threats can help you maintain your credibility and keep you from falling into despair and bankruptcy in the future.

Having a proven IT security program in place, like HBBTech’s Managed Security solution, isn’t just a recommendation for small businesses; it’s a necessity to adequately protect your business’, clients and employee’s data, even if that’s just YOU! Dealing with identity theft is MISERABLE!

It’s time to take cyber security seriously, and HBBTech is here to help.

If you’re not sure what to do, give us a call at (636) 542-8653 today, or take your chances with the cyber crooks.

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