HBBTech & Standard Security

We WANT you! If you are a small business or solopreneur with 1-20 computers and want superior, proven, affordable IT services and computer safety, you’re ours. HBBTech was developed to provide Fortune-500-quality computer and IT services, security, and backup on a small and home-based businesses budget.

We LOVE to help people and keep them safe in the best way we know how – with IT security and proven systems. This gives us a way to do what we love for those in need of IT support who’ve been ignored or gouged by other IT companies who only want to work with big companies.

Personal Attention

Our own small IT team is not here to pin you in a corner, make you sign an expensive contract, or scare you into securing your computers. We operate with a service mindset. We want to show you a better way to protect and grow your business and offer peace of mind with an IT partner who knows you and you know us. And don’t confuse affordable with cheap quality or inexperience. We saw a need and we conquered it.

  • A team of 4 at your service
  • 75+ years of expertise at your fingertips
  • No call centers
  • No contracts - all month-to-month – cancel with 30 days written notice
  • Proven security and Cloud backup that works
  • Straight talk, no geek-speak
  • Affordable IT package options
  • Remote Support - just a phone call away
  • Auto-billing/payments for easy accounting
  • Data isn’t accessed by a stranger in a foreign land.
  • A la carte hourly rate so low, you can’t afford not to call for help

This Is IT

Computer safety and data security is not something to ignore. You need to secure your IT and the future of your business and we can help you do that without breaking the bank (while we wage war on ransomware – the bad guys need to be taken down!). The following HBBTech IT security packages are per computer, per month.

Basic or Standard Security + Backup ($34.95) - Includes the ALL OF THE STUFF from Basic Security and Standard Security packages, PLUS 100GB of cloud backup at a savings of $4.95 per month.

Patch Management proactively protects you from 98% of the attacks that are based on out-of-date software (a common reason your computer can become infected). This is a great first line of defense to protect your computer.

Protects you against existing and unknown threats, that is, new threats that have not been seen before. This will replace your current (if you have one) antivirus software. Protects you better than anything you can buy from the store or online.

An exceptional addition to beef up your malware and ransomware protection. This also provides intrusion prevention which identifies malware as it tries to access and install on your PC. This adds multiple layers of defense to keep your computer and its data safe.

File/Folder backup to the cloud (100GB included)

Peace of Mind With IT

When something goes wrong and the panic sets in, do you go off the rails and spend hours trying to fix stuff that could take minutes with a phone call to HBBTech? Contact us today and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you won’t have to worry about computer safety and IT problems ever again. We’re your IT partner who provides honest-to-goodness peace of mind that doesn’t break the bank.

Contact us today, (636) 542-8653