Cybercrime Victim

You are either here because you have experienced the awful, stressful violation of being a cybercrime or ransomware victim or you know someone who has and you see the massive fallout of not having professional IT security. HBBTech is here to keep your computer, its data, and your people safe from attacks and ransomware whether you have one computer or twenty.

IT Protection You Can’t Buy Yourself

That firewall and antivirus software that came with your computer or the “free” antivirus company that stole you away from the preloaded stuff made you feel safe, right? Nope. Just the opposite – they’re making your computer more vulnerable.

Cyber criminals are long past getting through the cookie-cutter protection (and we use that term very loosely) and look for computers that use it. And they look for small businesses like yours because most are unprotected - and you keep a goldmine of info stored on your computer.

“But computer hackers don’t want the information off of my silly old laptop. Why would they? They’re going for the big guys!”

If we could charge everyone a quarter who has uttered this phrase, we would be retired on an island somewhere racing Phat Duck under the breeze of a palm tree.

Ransomware Knocking

The biggest threat now is ransomware and it’s hitting the “little guys” where it hurts. Days (or even weeks) of not being able to conduct business, all data lost forever, identities now stolen and at risk for 7-10 years, and the fate of 60% of you who are hacked being out of business within 6 months.

We can’t say it enough – with store bought (or online) antivirus software and free malware you are vulnerable. HBB offers a proprietary suite of IT security protection that you can’t get from anyone else.

Basic Computer Security That’s Anything But Basic

HBB specializes in providing the most in-depth cyber security possible for small businesses and solopreneurs because your business is just as important as the big guys and so are you.

By implementing our MOST OF THE STUFF package, you’re protected from known and unknown threats (yep – we know where the criminals are going next) and have a computer specialist you can call whenever you need help.

MOST OF THE STUFF ($14.95) - Basic Security: Includes SOME OF THE STUFF PLUS managed Antivirus.

Patch Management proactively protects you from 98% of the attacks that are based on out-of-date software (a common reason your computer can become infected). This is a great first line of defense to protect your computer.

Protects you against existing and unknown malware and ransomware threats, that is, new threats that have not been seen before. This will replace your current (if you have one) antivirus software. Protects you better than anything you can buy from the store!

THIS-N-THAT STUFF - (Price/minute)

Need an IT person to call for this-n-that who doesn’t charge $150/hour? Our very affordable rate of just $1.25 per minute (with a 15-minute minimum) can get you back on track in as little as 15-minutes as if nothing ever happened. And we promise – no geek speak or condescension.

Other IT Packages & Add-Ons

Once you feel the freedom of having worry-free IT security you may switch to ALL OF THE STUFF and BACKUP FOR “THE STUFF” too. You can upgrade to any of our packages anytime without complication. It’s all done remotely with minimal, if any, interruption. All prices are per month, per computer.


Includes MOST OF THE STUFF PLUS Advanced Multi-Layered Cyber Security Protection.

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File /Folder backup to the cloud (100GB included)

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($34.95 – a $4.95/month savings)

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If you do not have a professional suite of security on your computers, it is not a matter of IF you’ll be hacked – it’s a matter of WHEN. There’s no time like right now to get IT security that actually works and have the IT help you need at your fingertips. Contact us today, at (636) 542-8653.