How to Protect Your Computer

Have you been feeling vulnerable and wondering how on earth you protect your computer from getting a virus or ransomware? Wonder no more! HBBTech is here to protect your IT from all things disastrous (except maybe a spilled latte) at affordable rates. Your home-based or small business is exactly the kind of business our business was designed to serve.

IT Service Packages

Why pay $150/hour or huge sums for monthly services from other IT companies when all you need is some of the stuff? HBB’s IT packages are flexible and sensible for the small business owner and the solopreneur and can support the “techy” who is overwhelmed with work.

If all you need is patch management (SOME OF THE STUFF), that’s great! With this and any of our other packages, you can also take advantage of our client discounts and services included in THIS-N-THAT STUFF (our remote support service).

All packages are price per month, per computer.

SOME OF THE STUFF ($9.95) - Managed Patching (you can bring your own Anti-Virus)

Patch Management proactively protects you from 98% of the attacks that are based on out-of-date software (a common reason your computer can become infected). This is a great first line of defense to protect your computer.

THIS-N-THAT STUFF - (Price/minute)

Need someone to call for this-n-that? Our very affordable rate of just $1.25 per minute (with a 15-minute minimum) can get you back on track in as little as 15-minutes as if nothing ever happened.

Other IT Packages & Add-Ons

We have a sneaking suspicion, once you feel the glory of having worry-free patch management security you may invite more STUFF to your IT party suite and feel the joy of business without IT concerns.


Basic Security: Includes SOME OF THE STUFF PLUS managed Anti-Virus.

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Includes SOME STUFF and MOST STUFF packages, PLUS Advanced Multi-Layered Cyber Security Protection.

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File /Folder backup to the cloud (100GB included)

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($34.95 – a $4.95/month savings)

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Easy Security Today

Our team stands out among the other IT services companies because we are here for our clients when they need us, from the smallest question to the biggest, scariest IT STUFF. With personal service, proactive IT solutions, and smooth trouble-shooting skills, we become a seamless extension of your business and help you grow via technology.

Contact us or sign up for SOME OF THE STUFF today and stop worrying – we’ve got this! (636) 542-8653