Advanced Multi-Layer IT Standard Security

Here you are – deciding on professional IT security. Did you get hacked? Did someone you know live through a horrible, expensive, malware or ransomware attack even though they thought they were protected with their free antivirus software? We’re so glad you’re here!

HBBTech exists to serve small and home-based businesses with the most affordable, advanced, multi-layer IT security and backup support possible. That means you can stop worrying about being attacked and rely on our superior, proven, proprietary antivirus, antimalware, and ransomware protection. Oh – and did we mention we do all-things-IT?

Oh, and did we mention that we have not had a client suffer a successful cyber-attack or breach since we started offering our proprietary security solution in 2014.

Computer Security & Your Future

As a small business owner, CEO, Manager, or in-house IT person, you need to work with an experienced, readily-available IT company who puts you first – not the other guy who has 50 computers.

Our experienced, caring team can help you identify the IT infrastructure and security you need to support your business today, keep you safe from impending cybercrime disasters, and help you plan for the future.

What Happens With Ransomware

Are you a small business? Second by second, you are a ransomware target. When you get hit with ransomware, your computer locks up and you get a message on your screen to pay up or lose everything. Panic sets in and you freeze – your heart stops, you hold your breath, and feel at a total loss.

  • When these scumbags infect your computer, it may be days (or even weeks) of not being able to conduct business.
  • Whatever you hadn’t backed up is gone for good.
  • Every ounce of data is lost to you but in the hands of a criminal for years to come.
  • Passwords, personal information, financials, and identities are stolen and at risk of being used for 7-10 years.
  • You may be vulnerable to lawsuits if you had other people’s personal info on your computer that’s now also in the hands of thieves.

Who do you call? What do you do now? Call HBBTech and get back on track.

HBBTech Will Keep You Secure

Don’t wait until you’re crying on your keyboard, lambasting yourself for not getting around to adding professionally installed security sooner. HBBTech offers an easy solution – proactively! Our proprietary suite of advanced multi-layer IT security protection was designed to give you advanced, Fortune 500 security services on a small-business budget.

If you call HBBTech to remotely install cyber security for you, you don’t have to be a statistic. According to Small Business Trends:

  • 43% of cyberattacks target small business because most have little or no security.
  • 14% – the number of small businesses that feel they can stop an attack.
  • 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a cyberattack.
  • 48 % of attacks are intentional; the rest are from human error, old software, or system failure.

IT Security Packages

If you do not have advanced IT security and support on your computers, it is not a matter of IF you’ll be hacked – it’s a matter of WHEN. There’s no time like right now to protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve with HBBTech and have the IT help you need at your fingertips. All prices listed are per month, per computer.

Standard Security ($24.95) - Includes Basic Security PLUS Advanced Multi-Layered Cyber Security Protection.

Patch Management proactively protects you from 98% of the attacks that are based on out-of-date software (a common reason your computer can become infected). This is a great first line of defense to protect your computer.

Protects you against existing and unknown threats, that is, new threats that have not been seen before. This will replace your current (if you have one) antivirus software. Protects you better than anything you can buy from the store or online.

An exceptional addition to beef up your malware and ransomware protection. This also provides intrusion prevention which identifies malware and ransomware as it tries to access and install on your PC. This adds multiple layers of defense to keep your computer and its data safe.

Backup Your Stuff

Remote backups are just as important as proactive security. Let’s say you have one computer and you’re really good about backing it up daily to an external hard drive. What happens if it gets lost? Stolen? Broken? Spilled on? All is lost. Yikes! For much less than a commercial backup app or software, your stuff is automatically backed up multiple times per day. And it is safe and readily available when needed.

You can upgrade or add on to any of our packages anytime without complication. It’s all done remotely with minimal, if any, interruption. All prices are per month, per computer.

Managed Backup ($14.95)

File /Folder backup to the cloud (100GB included)

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Basic or Standard Security + Backup

($34.95 – a $4.95/month savings)

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Your Data Safe & Secure

One of the biggest no-no’s you can make is not having an IT strategy when it comes to security, data backups, and the right system for future growth. With our help, you can have small business IT support and an IT partner for life who cares about your success. Contact us today, (636) 542-8653.