Remote Data Backup

Back it up! If you’re a small business or home-based computer user, do you backup the data on your computer daily? When you search online for the best cloud backup, service, or device, they all say they’re the best. So how do you know which is truly the best? Which cloud system is readily accessible if you should need it? And which one will keep your stuff safe and not in the hands of criminals?

HBBTech has your personal cloud-based backup system that will never let you down. And, it’s in the hands of people you know who are a phone call away if you should need us.

Cloud Backup Services

If you’ve bought cloud backup services before, we know you’ve heard the promises of easy set-up, configuration, and 100% migration in no time. And let’s not even think about retrieving your data if you should ever need it. Did you know if your cloud backup is open all the time on your computer (meaning you don’t put a password in each time), the hackers can get that too?

With HBBTech, all of your stuff will be backed up automatically every day, multiple times a day, offsite to a highly-secure, nearly-impossible-to-hack cloud system. We have a 100% migration guarantee and you know who is on the other end of the phone should you have questions.

Why HBB Backup

Our cloud backup system is fully automated which means you don’t have to do a thing. Your stuff is backed up several times a day and requires no involvement from you. You don’t have to set aside time, run out the door and “forget” to backup, problem-solve – nothing. You get to go to sleep at night knowing your data and your programs are safe.

  • Secure cloud backup protected by layers of security
  • Fully automated – no demands on you
  • Data and programs backed up multiple times a day
  • Not susceptible to ransomware or viruses
  • Won’t slow down your computer
  • Plays well with your HBB security program

Backup Premium Package

Not only is our backup plan convenient, totally secure, and very affordable, it mitigates one of the biggest threats to your business – ransomware. Ransomware will steal and encrypt your data denying you access to it unless you pay a hefty ransom. You would lose all of your data and programs forever along with multiple identities within your organization. That is why you must have good, reliable backup (and security) in place to protect your business, its data, and its people.

Our data backup plan costs much less than most, especially for the personal service and peace of mind that you get knowing who is actually managing your backup service. All backup is done remotely so you have no down-time. Price is per computer, per month.

Managed Backup - $15.00 / Month

A good, reliable offsite backup in place to protect your business, its data, and its people. Add it on to Managed Maintenance or Managed Security today!

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The Backup service can only be purchased with a security package (Basic Security or Standard Security).

Other HBB Security & Backup Packages

HBBTech designed the following IT packages intentionally for the home-based business, small business owner, CEO, manager, or the “techy” who needs professional, expert support. All prices are per computer, per month.

Managed Maintenance - $15.00 / Month

This is a great first line of defense to protect your computer, and is our offering for those that, for whatever reason, are using their own Anti-Virus.

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Managed Security - $45.00 / Month

An exceptional choice for well-rounded protection. This also provides all of the maintenance that is included in our “Managed Maintenance” option.

HBB Promotes IT Health

HBBTech specializes in solving business tech problems. We promote growth via technology. We are trustworthy and experienced. We offer simple, concise options that let you choose how secure you want to be with no judgement. Our passion is providing a functioning system that’s not vulnerable. You can’t afford the ransom – now you don’t have to!

Contact us today and start sleeping better tonight. (636) 542-8653

Managed Backup